Hello! I am Jacqui and I design a wide variety of items. Anything from:

- Jewelry (Bracelets and Earrings primarily)
- Lighted Wine Bottles
- Ceramic Tiles
- Shirts
- Window Decals

I am also a published author, currently working on my second book. I started doing this to supplement my income when I was laid off several years ago, and discovered a joy in making the items. A satisfaction in making my customers vision a reality.

I obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Management after my divorce. Started writing while I was in college because it was an outlet to relax with everything I had going on in life. 

Gypsy Hive Boutique will not only contain items I've handmade, but, will eventually contain other items that I feel you, my customers will love! Health and Beauty, more clothing options and much more!